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LPK 606D - Sadly no longer with us !

EPB593B (now UKE155B) and LPK606D, were both bought new by Albert Duffy and were two of the famous top spec cars.

Albert Duffy, now nearly 89, and still driving a BMW 550 has kindly given me permission to reproduce the personal photographs above via his nephew Raymond Credie.

The pictures of LPK606D were taken between it's purchase in 1966 and disposal in August 1968. The picture with the DB6 was taken on delivery day in August 1968 when the Aston was brand new. Albert was so disappointed with the DB6, after two successive Coombs, that it was quickly swapped for a new AC428.

LPK606D was sold in 1968 and only after one week of ownership, by the second owner, it was written off by ending up on it's roof in Whitehaven, Cumbria.     
Raymond, vividly remember riding in the Coombs and recalls that this particular car, unlike EPB593B (now UKE155B) did not have the factory louvres on the bonnet. Albert felt that on EPB they were rather crudely done for such an expensive car, and situated too near the middle of the bonnet for his liking.

Raymond also recalls that riding in the Coombs was mind blowing.
He remembers that average mpg of the Coombs was only 9 miles per gallon, with the exhaust note being heard over three miles away! Which certainly must have sounded like music to a young man of 17 at the time.

Many thanks to Raymond and his Uncle Albert for the above information and the kind permission to use his personal photographs.


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