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Coombs Modifications

Coombs Mk2s


The Jaguar 3.4 and 3.8 litre Mark II cars are fast, safe and complete in standard form, but we are able to offer discerning motorists even better performance and handling resulting in virtually a full 5 seater Grand Touring car at moderate cost.

Modifications can be effected on either new or used cars and one of the significant points is that the cars still retain their outstanding flexibility.

Experience gained through many years of racing and servicing these cars is inbuilt in the modifications offered and we shall be pleased to discuss customers' individual requirements and arrange for a demonstration in a fully modified car.

(Extracted from the front of the Coombs brochure produced in 1963)

Coombs' original specification options

1. Remove engine and gearbox, dismantle engine, fit 9:1 compression ratio pistons, balance crankshaft, conrods and clutch assembly, fit lightened fly-wheel, dismantle cylinder head for full gas-flowing and attention to manifold and valve seats.Fit open trumpet carburettor intakes.Re-assembling, re-install,run engine,test and tune:
Cost: £185 0s 0d

2. Make up and fit cold air intake to carburettors, complete with polished air spreader.
Cost: £35 0s 0d

3. Supply and fit a high-ratio steering box,3.5 turns lock to lock:
(It was actually the standard ratio box from the earlier 2.4 Mk.I)

Cost : £20 0s 0d

4. Supply and fit Vari-Flow adjustable shock absorbers all round:
Cost: £17 0s 0d

5. Exhaust system - supply and fit Servais silencers but retain standard tail pipes:
   Cost: £11 11s 0d
   As above but with modified tail pipes of straight through pattern:
   Cost: £21 0s 0d
   As above but with hand-made silencers
   Cost: £28 0s 0d

Other specialist items

1. Modified rear wheel arches deleting valences

   (a) Normal colours:             
        Cost: £35 0s 0d

   (b) Opalescent colours:       
        Cost:  £40 0s 0d

2. Leather covered roof panel,choice of colour
   Cost : £49 10s 0d

3. Boot luggage grid:
  Cost : £14 0s 0d

4  Additional long-range 9.4-gallon fuel tank, fitted in front of boot compartment.
  Cost: £62 10s 0d

5. Supply and fit 'E' Type wooden rim steering wheel with centre horn push:
   Cost : £17 0s 0d

6. Wire wheel conversion
   -New cars, ex-works:
    Cost : £42 5s 10d

   -Used cars:
    Cost:  £100 0s 0d

7. Chromium plated wire wheel conversion
  - New cars, ex-works:
   Cost:  £93 12s 11d

   -Used cars
   Cost: £138 0s 0d

8. Manuall controlled choke switch:

   Cost:  £1 10s 0d

Items for competition use

1. Cylinder head machined to give 9.5:1 compression ratio,extra charge to basic conversion:
Cost :  £4 10s 0d

2. HD8 2in SU carburettor conversion in conjunction with basic conversion, extra charge:

   Cost £40 0s 0d

3 High rate front springs

  Cost  £14 0s 0d

4  Special anti-roll bar:

  Cost  £10 0s 0d

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